Founded in 1963, Evard Précision SA is a family company that has been specialising for 3 generations in precision clamping solutions for the machine-tool industry and robotisation.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Switzerland, our products are renowned for their quality, reliability and high 

Our wide range of clamping products, flexibility and experience allow us to provide standard or specific products to 
meet your needs.

Evard Précision becomes sustainable

From January 1st, 2020, the energy consumed will come from renewable energy sources, i.e. 50% of the hydroelectric power in the Valais and 50% of the 392 solar panels installed during the month of January 2020.

Our strategic success factors
Contribution of the market
Proximity of the customers, specific knowledge of the applications of industry and relation with the customers and partners developed during the years.
Local, strategy of production centered on quality and the costs. Strongly automated, semi-automatic or manual production appropriate with the type of product, volume and technical complexity.
Products and technology
Development of products of tightening innovating and targeted on the needs for the markets and the customers. Central competence: the integration and the use of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic technology.
Evard Précision depuis 50 ans


1963: Jean-Pierre Evard founds the Evard subcontracting mechanical workshop in Concise. Dissatisfied with the market offer, he starts the development of his own clamping tools.

1978: After several years of research, the first Evard pneumatic vice is marketed and a patent is registered.

1980: Jean-Pierre’s sons, Jean-Marc and Roger Evard, join the family business. Little by little, the Evard range of vices includes 7 models.

1987: Foundation of the Limited Company (Ltd) and relocation of the company to the new hall located in the industrial zone in “Rue des petits Champs 9” in Yverdon-les-Bains.

1993: Presentation of the revolutionary “Polymut” multi-clamping system as a world premiere at the EMO in Hanover.

1997: In view of the growing success of Evard products, the commercial hall is enlarged to 2000 m2.

2008 & 2010: Benjamin and Tom, Roger Evard’s sons, successively join the family business. In the second decade of the 2000s, they in turn contribute to the development of new products.

2020: Evard Précision SA takes an ecological turn and has 392 solar panels with a power of 99 KW installed on its roof.


Evard Précision Ltd. has 16 employees, including 6 members of the Evard family. The characteristic of being a family business positively marks the corporate culture. Reliability, Swiss quality and precision are the values at the centre of all activities. These values are important to our employees, customers and business partners alike.

The employees are part of a strong corporate culture that focuses on the individual and his or her well-being. Employees are always supported in their endeavours. Careers are therefore often of long duration, which improves quality and reduces costs.

Evard Précision Ltd. maintains privileged relationships with customers and business partners. In particular thanks to the proximity and the more than 50 years of experience which characterizes it. A strong bond of trust and communication is established with the various resellers who represent the brand throughout the world.


Evard Précison SA is present at several trade fairs specialising in the mechanical, micro-technical or industrial production chain sectors. In Switzerland with SIAMS (Moutier), EPMT (Geneva), Prodex (Basel); in Germany with EMO (Hanover); or in France with SIANE (Mondeville), giving visibility to our pneumatic and mechanical precision vices and exchanging with the actors of the sectors concerned is important.

Whether it is to equip your 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis (or more axis) machines, to renew your self-centering or universal vices, to change your accessories (jaws, stops, wedges) or out of curiosity, we will be happy to meet you on one of our stands.





SIAMS at Moutier