The multiple clamping system 50 and 80


The multiple clamping system

Flexible and able to tighten a lot of parts at a time, this product saves machining time and increases productivity !

This multiple clamping system is available in several sizes and offers a wide range of jaws and accessories to adapt to all types of requirements.

Polyvalent, the Polymutis designed to allow an integra- tion and a commissioning in multiple configurations. It will easily adapt to your installations : machine tables, rotary tables, turrets or pallets.

  • Quick and precise adjustment +/- 0.01 mm

  • Usable on all supports

  • Adaptation to all types of parts

  • Linear clamping with a single crew

  • Dimensions adapted to your requirements

  • Flexible to tighten one or more parts

  • All components are case-hardened, hardened to 60 HRC and grinded

Polymut - usinage serrage multiple