Self-centering pneumatic vice with machinable jaws

AZIMUT 70 – 100 – 110 – 160

The Azimut is characterized by a self-centering pneumatic internal or external clamping. Thanks to its machinable jaws made of different materials, it adapts to the shapes of the parts.

Due to its excellent repeatability, it is ideal for robot loading and serial production.

  • Self-centering +/- 0.01 mm

  • Pneumatic internal and external clamping

  • Excellent repeatability

  • Robot loading

  • Fast clamping

  • Jaws adaptable to the shape of the workpiece

étau auto-centrant Azimut


Intended for the microtechnology, watchmaking and medtech sectors, the Azimut 50 incorporates the features of its big brothers.

étau auto-centrant Azimut